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The Arrival, QPAC

The Arrival is a migrant tale set in a fantastical time and place, adapted from the award-winning graphic novel by Shaun Tan and brought to magic life at the Playhouse, QPAC, these school holidays.

Tan’s wordless novel lends itself perfectly to the use of puppetry and physical theatre to tell a story, emphasising the isolating experience everyone feels when arriving in a strange, new place.

The Arrival, QPAC

The beautifully illustrated work is accurately brought to life on stage through breathtaking sets, whimsical puppets and props, as well as a remarkable soundscape.

The Arrival, QPAC

A man flees his homeland and journeys across vast seas to arrive in a strange, wondrous new world where giant ships fly through the air and curious creatures abound.

The Arrival, QPAC

There he negotiates dazzling architecture, bizarre foods and foreign tongues to build a new life. On his travels the man meets fellow migrants, each with their own tale to tell.

Like Tan’s book this production is a tribute to migrants, refugees and displaced people worldwide. It is ultimately a story of overcoming hardship, of humanity and of hope.

The Arrival will touch anyone who has ever had to start anew or bid farewell to a loved one.

Need to know - Suited for ages 6yrs+


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