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Circus Rio browns plains

Circus Rio, Browns Plains

Unlike anything we have ever seen before, Circus Rio is themed around the world-famous Carnival in Rio de Janeiro and is destined to take the whole family on an amazing journey through Brazil with stunning costumes, infectiously-uplifting dance music and performances that are set to wow us into another world!  

With the cooler weather, it's great to know the Big Top is heated, and is toasty and warm so that you can have the most enjoyable experience possible.

Many of the exhilarating stunts are history-making and have never been performed in this part of the world before.

Circus Rio, Greater Brisbane

FMX leader, Brodie Carmichael is going all out with his stunt show. Never before in Australia has a somersault been attempted with such a high-degree of difficulty - mid-air, over a stage and under a circus tent. Until now!

Circus Rio, Browns Plains

The crowd-pleasing act, Rolla Bolla, is so technically challenging, only a few people in the world can replicate it. Renowned performer, Yanel Morales can land tricks on apparatus that will need to be seen to be believed. Climbing and balancing precariously atop rollers, small planks and even people, Yanel performs without rigging or safety gear!

Circus Rio, Greater Brisbane

The entertainment highlights don't stop there. The Circus Rio Tightrope team, featuring Gabrielle Santos, Flavio Dos Santos and Yeison Colonia Zabala, will astound you with their aerial agility - from skipping to handstands, high above the circus floor and all without a safety net!

Circus Rio, Greater Brisbane

If you think juggling is tricky, wait until you see Artem Khomanko - he makes it look like a walk in the park. He currently holds an unbroken world record for juggling stilts, a pole, a football and jugglers rings. How? You'll have to see it to find out.

Circus Rio, Greater Brisbane

Need to know - Circus Rio will be performing in Browns Plains for a limited time only, and tickets will sell fast.

Nice to know - Family passes are available. Shows are scheduled across a mix of mid-morning, afternoon and evening performance times at the different locations.


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