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HOME combines illusion, live music, home-spun engineering and an inventive use of audience interaction to create a house party of the grandest proportions, a highlight of the Brisbane Festival 2018.

Geoff Sobelle, an acclaimed theatre artist and illusionist, has created an entirely unique, thrillingly immediate and altogether lively experience that explores and explodes the relationship between ‘house’ and ‘home’

On an empty stage, a house is conjured from nothing, filling room by room as generations of inhabitants move in, grow up, get old, argue, do laundry, fall in love, work and party.

“From solitude to riotous parties, these walls contain the stuff of life, telling the story of a house and showing what it means to create a home,” Brisbane Festival Artistic Director David Berthold said.

Although almost completely wordless, Berthold said the production spoke volumes about the sentimentality we feel towards our own family homes.

Creator Geoff Sobelle said the work “allowed space for the audience to dream”, and, on a deeper level, "awakening us to current housing dilemmas".

“It uses the house of the theatre as a lens through which we might see the impact of these forces at work: the illusion of home; the transitory nature of dwelling; the constraints of time and money; the absurdity and, at times, the impossibility of trying to make a house a home.”


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