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Wild Forms urban paradise gallery

Wild Forms is a fascinating, free exhibition featuring the works of multi award-winning sculptors, Mela Cooke and Peter Steller, now showing at Urban Paradise Gallery in Woolloongabba.

Mela’s work, which has exhibited in London, Brussels and Hong Kong, conveys the character and personality of her subjects. With simplicity of line and form, her figurative sculptures capture the graceful movement of the human body, as well as that of the animal kingdom.

Peter’s sculptures can be found in private collections in Australia, USA and Europe. Peter transforms salvaged timber into unique works of art, with some forms only a few millimetres thin. 

This new exhibition will also feature works created with laminated wood, bent into graceful forms, and coloured dyes used to highlight the unique figuring in jacaranda, one of Peter’s favourite timbers to work with.

Mela Cooke's website

Peter Steller's website 

By Deb Lidster

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