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Wind Tubes ipswich art gallery

Wind Tubes Ipswich Art Gallery

Wind Tubes is a fantastic hands-on exhibition that makes a flying creation out of every day materials, with the chance to see it take flight and defy gravity.

Some will fly, some will hover, some will crash – it’s all part of the fun and mayhem based on the principles of air and invention.

The creations are launched through large clear vertical tubes of moving air and the underlying scientific challenge is to see what design will lead to the object being air-borne for the longest time.

Wind Tubes Ipswich Art Gallery

Using all kinds of materials, including polystyrene, paper cups, ping pong balls, plastic and propellers there’s plenty of opportunity to experiment and play with different designs to break the airborne record.

The activity is not just a great way to explore the effect that air movement has on objects via turbulence, air resistance and gravity but it’s all about fun interactivity for the whole family.

Need to know: There’s also a special Wind Tubes Toddlers Programme in a dedicated space, with exclusive sessions for under 2yr olds.