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Capulet & Co sandgate

Capulet & Co Sandgate

Capulet & Co. is a stylishly-renovated Sandgate store that is home to lifestyle apparel company, Capulet Clothing, with a chic little in-house coffee lounge. 

Featuring polished floor boards, elegant lounge chairs, Capulet & Co is both a great space to shop and also to relax and enjoy a Tim Adams coffee or freshly-prepared bagel.

Capulet & Co Sandgate

The rear of the store is filled with Capulet Clothing specialties - locally-printed tee shirts, shorts and accessories for young and old. There is also a barber shop onsite as well as homewares dotted throughout the store.

Capulet & Co Sandgate

Diners can choose from a selection of delicious raw and baked goodies, alongside healthy bagels, breakfast bowls, real fruit ice blocks and plenty of fresh juices and drinks.

Capulet & Co Sandgate

In a nutshell - All-in-one quality threads, gourmet coffee, homewares and barber shop in a stylishly-renovated building in Sandgate.

Capulet & Co Sandgate

Nice to know - On-street parking is available in the local surrounding area.

By Lucy Hordern


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