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Veneziano Caffe west end

Woman sipping coffee in Brisbane's Veneziano Caffe West End

Also known as First Pour, this groovily decked out warehouse with roastery at the rear and cafe at the front is worth veering away from the action for.

Veneziano itself came about when a young man with a passion for coffee left Brisbane to study the bean trade in Melbourne, with an aim to uncover the Italian secrets to a top espresso. Years later he returned to Brisbane and set up, along with his Melbourne roasting house, this one at West End.

Take a seat downstairs at one of the tables or upstairs on the mezzanine for a front seat view of the roasting. There’s also a child’s corner with drawing stuff and a range of ready made snacks on offer.

Meantime those zippy souls who wish to be on the other side of the action can sign up for a barista course here or roast their own beans.

As standard practice in roasteries all coffee bean purchasers are feted with a complimentary cup of coffee.


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