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Fat Belly Jack's petrie terrace

Fat Belly Jack’s Petrie Terrace

Fat Belly Jack’s is a lively honky-tonk bar bringing American beers, boilermakers and Nashville-style fried chicken to Petrie Terrace.

In the historic building that housed Sandy’s Goodtime Bar and recently the Lobster Shack pop-up, the stunning space features beautiful, bare-brick walls and a massive back-bar, presided over by FBJ's neon logo.

Fat Belly Jack’s Petrie Terrace

On offer at Fat Belly Jack's is one of Brisbane’s best selections of American bourbons and whiskeys with a myriad of rotating American beers on tap. There is a strong focus on boiler makers (a shot of spirits paired with a craft beer) with a list of specially-paired drinks on offer).

Fat Belly Jack’s Petrie Terrace

Premium paired offerings include the ‘BALLER BOILER’, featuring a Deep Creek IPA paired with a 5yo Willet Pot Still Reserve whiskey, while wallet-friendly options include the classic ‘POOR BOY’, which sees a can of Pabst Blue Ribbon paired with a shot of Jameson.

Fat Belly Jack’s Petrie Terrace

To accompany the extensive drinks list, Fat Belly Jack’s boasts the best fried chicken in Brisbane. After a fried chicken ‘crawl’ of America, co-owner Ben Kagan took the best elements from all the fried chicken discovered on his travels in order to produce this recipe.

Having travelled from California to Louisiana, the best fried chicken he discovered was in Nashville. “There are a couple of places doing Nashville fried chicken in Australia but nobody has nailed it like we have. We are confident that our recipe is the best,” says Ben.

The fried chicken is cooked in a southern-style batter and can be dunked in a variety of spicy coatings from ‘mild’ to ‘REALLY F%*KING HOT’ featuring some of the world’s hottest chilies.

In keeping with the food and drinks, music at Fat Belly Jack's will range from classic American blues and country music to rock, soul and funk.


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