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Ikkairo Ramen underwood

Ikkairo Ramen Underwood

Ikkairo Ramen is a pocket-sized ramen bar tucked away in the rear of a busy shopping centre in Underwood.

Located near Yuen’s Market at Underwood Central on Kingston Road, this hidden gem occupies a triangular-shaped shop with communal counters and stools lining two walls. 

Ikkairo Ramen Underwood

A sibling for Ikkairo Ramen at 8 Street in Garden City, the mouth-watering menu is concise. Customers can choose between traditional tonkotsu (pork bone) and Ikkairo’s signature prawn broth.

Ikkairo Ramen Underwood  

The pork bone broth is simmered for forty hours with lots of veges to give it extra depth and creaminess; while the prawn broth, made with crushed pan-fried prawn shells, is simmered for five hours before being carefully strained. 

Ikkairo Ramen Underwood

Prawn ramen comes with handmade noodles and your choice of chashu (juicy pork belly) or tiger prawns; while tonkatsu comes standard  with chashu or deluxe with  bok choy, black fungi, king oyster mushrooms and extra ajitama eggs. You can also customise your ramen with your choice of broth and toppings.  

Besides full-flavoured ramen, there are handmade gyoza (Japanese dumplings) made with pork or prawn using a secret recipe.


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