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Best Things To Do In auchenflower

Moorlands Auchenflower

Auchenflower in Brisbane’s inner west is renowned for its sprawling ornate Queenslanders perched on steep narrow streets threading through its leafy hills but it is also home to some great restaurants, a chic bar, quaint croquet club and one of Brisbane’s spookiest villas.

The suburb’s name, which is Gaelic for ‘field of flowers’ comes from the family estate of Qld Premier Thomas McIlwraith, who built his grand imposing house (since demolished) there in 1880. Oddly, its billiard and ballrooms were salvaged and are now located in Tamborine Estate Winery

Today Auchenflower is cut in half by Milton Road and it is in the vicinity of and along this busy stretch that its main attractions lie:

Cafe Auchenflower

This café in a charming colonial shop alongside a pocket park serves up delicious premise-baked fare, coffee and, with folding outdoor seats for parents to watch children play, is also one of Brisbane’s best child friendly cafes...more

Toro Bar

Toro Bar Auchenflower

This cosy vintage-chic little lounge bar is abuzz every night with locals who descend for great tapas and cocktails, cool music and a laidback vibe...more

Deer Duck Bistro

A corner shop has been converted into a labyrinth of splendid English manor-style rooms, with Fawn, a front bar for casual dining and Fallow an inner sanctum for fine dining degustation...more

Blue Raven

Lamb shanks and fries

Just off Milton road is this funky US bar and diner serving big portions of finger-lickin’ American food while The Doobies and Eagles blast out from the vintage jukebox...more

My Thai 

This Brisbane dining institution in a converted Queenslander is consistently rated one of the best Thai restaurants in Brisbane and any night is packed with local families...more


A cottage style colonial shop has been turned into this rustic chic bistro with a Euro-French inspired menu, opens for dinner and weekend lunch and has a tiny in-house deli...more

McIlwraith Croquet Club

Croquet bat and balls

The quaint white and blue 1920s croquet club is still going strong as croquet enjoys a bit of a renaissance - a great place to spend a gentile afternoon with friends...more 


 OK, you can’t actually ‘do’ Moorlands, but this grand gothic villa on the Wesley Hospital grounds overlooking the river was the home of the notorious Mayne family...more