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Virtual reef inside the QUT's The Cube

The Cube, a must visit for young science fans, is one of the world’s largest digital interactive learning and display spaces.

Here visitors can participate in explorative, inspired experiences in what is part science lab, part digital engagement hub.

Like its namesake there are 6 main sides (parts) to The Cube's programme, which includes:

The Physics Playroom is where physics is turned into fun in a game-like environment and collaborative space for kids of all ages. Using objects that could come from any child’s bedroom, users interact with them to experiment with classic physics laws such as that of mechanics and fundamentals such as colour, light and sound.

The Data Wall is an interactive project in which users ‘cycle’ through generated data and search through the various layers of Brisbane city, from public transport to public art to thereby see the city in a different light.

iCo2 teaches eco-driving principles in a fun competitive environment. Within a networked and multi 3D simulation visitors get to drive virtual vehicles and compete with each other to see who can travel the furthest on a tank of fuel.

Virtual Reef offers an extraordinary simulated underwater experience in which users engage with and learn about the reef’s ecosystem.

Robot University-Beta is a game-like environment in which people interact with robots – commanding robot weapons, sending messages to a robot on Mars and selecting domestic objects for a house robot.



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