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The Gizmo brisbane powerhouse

The Gizmo is a laugh out loud, crazy adventure of self-discovery and an absolute must-see this spring school holiday at the Brisbane Powerhouse.

Based on the best-selling children’s book by Paul Jennings, this theatrical adventure is a fun-filled ride for the whole family as they witness the wild and wacky misadventures of Stephen, Mouse and the amazing Gizmo.

Baited by his hero Floggit, Stephen steals the whirling, twirling illuminating Gizmo from a fair. Overcome with feelings of guilt, he tries to get rid of the Gizmo, but no matter how hard he tries, it will not leave. The result is hilarious as the Gizmo starts to exact its revenge on Stephen by placing him in several extraordinary situations!

Meanwhile Stephen’s only friend is his pet mouse. But even she is becoming elusive, as he finds himself in pantyhose and a wedding dress, dragged around town on the back of the mad horse, chased by the local sports star and lumped with the smelly tramp’s coat. Oh, the shame of it!


By Deb Lidster

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