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#celebratebrisbane River Of Light the story of maiwar

#CelebrateBrisbane River of Light: The Story of Maiwar, Brisbane Festival

A wondrous highlight of Brisbane Festival from September 8 - 29 is the traditional Indigenous story of the city's creation told through water, light and lasers at #CelebrateBrisbane River of Light: The Story of Maiwar, Treasury Brisbane Arcadia.

This must-see illumination spectacle is a free event - a 10-minute show, running three times a night for the duration of the Festival. Anyone of any age can enjoy the dynamic jets and giant spirals of water, full-colour lighting and rainbow-coloured lasers which tell the story of the dreaming serpent that wove Brisbane River, traditionally called the Maiwar, into existence.

#CelebrateBrisbane River of Light: The Story of Maiwar, Brisbane Festival

This very special experience has been created by illusion and entertainment experts Oracle Liquid, alongside the Nunukul Yuggera Aboriginal Dance Company, and promises to be an amazing art-meets-technology celebration. 

Brisbane Festival 2018, Brisbane

The event "will captivate the public through cutting-edge technology and giant spectacle...," says Brisbane Festival Artistic Direct, David Berthold. "Designed to surprise and delight children, adults and families alike, it's a spectacular addition to this year's Treasury Brisbane Arcadia program..."

Of course, Maiwar is a renamed electorate in Brisbane but many people don't know of the name's origins. It's a Dungidau word for the breeding grounds of the platypus, which were protected areas across the river systems. "The platypus is often depicted in Aboriginal stories as a peacemaker who works with feuding animals to solve problems together and live in reconciliation," says Indigenous consultant and educator, Gaja Kerry.

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By Vicki Englund

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